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Viagra 100mg Tablets (NZ Only)
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  • Viagra 100mg Tablets (NZ Only)

Prescription Medicine


Viagra 100mg Tablets (NZ Only)
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Please note: THIS IS A PRESCRIPTION MEDICINE (see Prescription Medicine Tab above for ordering and fulfillment process).

What is Viagra?

Viagra, sildefanil (as citrate) is used to treat men with erectile dysfunction, or impotence. Impotence manifests as a failure to achieve or sustain an erection of the penis during sexual intercourse or any other sexual activity. As such, Viagra is included in a class of medicine known as phosphodiesterase type5 inhibitors.

Viagra functions by promoting blood vessel relaxation in the penile organ upon being sexually excited. In effect, more blood can flow into the penis. The medication treats the lack or absence of erection of the penis through a natural method.

Erectile dysfunction is prevalent in about 39% of males ages 40 and above. With this drug treatment, optimal erection is achieved. Viagra is specially formulated containing the same ingredient as Viagra. Plus, it is developed by the established company, Pfizer.

How does Viagra work?
  • Works once the male experiences sexual excitement.
  • Promotes relaxation of the blood vessels in the penis upon sexual arousal.
  • Facilitates increased blood flow into the male organ for obtaining a natural erection.
Possible side effects of Viagra
  • Blocked nose or sinus
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Hot flush
  • Heart burn
  • Rash

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Biggest ever

Bought this product a month ago, as tomorrow is the 19th I am looking forward to using it! I have high... expectations. As last time I used this product is was a HUGE success. My husband was impressed by my performance. Over all 11/10 would recommend to all ages.


Excellent .


Absolutely Fantastic :-)

Bought tablets

Good overall very good communication

My review

In the past this product has been great, hence the reorder. As I only received this shipment yesterday I haven’t had the oomph to use it. But on the 19th of this month I will and I’m anticipating it’s usual greatness

Please Note: If the Item you are viewing IS a Prescription Medicine the NZ regulations require that we need the original prescription before we can dispense any prescription medication. The prescription must be written by a New Zealand doctor registered with the New Zealand Medical Council.

How do you know if this product is a Prescription Medicine? 

The first line of the product description will identify 'THIS IS A PRESCRIPTION MEDICINE' If the product does not have this identifier then it is not a prescription medicine and can be purchased without a prescription. A list of prescription medicines can also be found lower down on this page.

Prescription orders will be cancelled automatically if no prescription is received from the purchaser within 7 days.


  • Step 1: purchase your Prescription Medicine via this Netpharmacy Shop. (See Below for our list of Prescription Medicine).
  • Step 2: to complete the checkout process you will be required to complete the prescription form (found on the checkout page) including uploading a photo of your prescription.
  • Step 3: once the prescription form is complete you will be able to check out and pay for your medicine.
  • Step 4: on the original prescription, write order number and phone number and mail the original to NetPharmacy - 109 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland 1052 (by law the original is required prior to us sending the order).

There is NZD$4.95 postage and handling fee on top of the prescription fee. Prescriptions are exempt from our freight free policy.

Once we have received your original prescription, we will contact you to confirm the receipt. Please make sure you provide your day contact number. It generally takes about 5 working days for the time it takes for your prescription to arrive in the mail and for us to dispense it and courier it to you. Any urgent request must be communicated beforehand.


  • What if I have repeat prescriptions?Simply place a prescription order and email us on with your order number and your full name. E-mail title should be "Repeat prescription". If you do not remember what to repeat, call our pharmacist on (09)3734485.
  • What do I need to know about prescription medicines? New Zealand law requires us to receive an original prescription from a New Zealand registered Medical Practitioner before we can dispense prescription medicines. New Zealand pharmacies are prohibited from supplying prescription medicines to overseas.
  • Can I return prescription medicine for a refund? No. Due to New Zealand Health regulation, medicines cannot be returned for credit. This is because once the product has left the pharmacy, the storage conditions of the product cannot be guaranteed and also it is possible the product could be tampered with.

If you have any questions, please fill the form on the contact us page and our customer service team will contact you immediately. The pricings are available below.


  • Avigra 100mg 4 Tablets
  • Avigra 100mg 12 Tablets
  • Cialis 10mg 4 Tablets
  • Cialist 10mg 8 Tablets
  • Cialis 20mg 4 Tablets
  • Cialist 20 mg 8 Tablets
  • Cialis 5mg 28 Tablets
  • Duromine 15mg 30 Tablets
  • Duromine 30mg 30 Tablets
  • Finasteride 5mg 30 Tablets (REX)
  • Levitra 10mg 4 Tablets
  • Levitra 20mg 4 Tablets
  • Melorex 15mg 30 Tablets
  • Melorex 7.5g 30 Tablets
  • Mobic 7.5mg 30 Tablets
  • Propecia 1mg 28 Tablets
  • Proscar 5mg 30 Tablets
  • Yasmin 84 Tablets
  • Silvasta 100mg 4 Tablets
  • Yasmin 168 Tablets

If your prescription product is not listed here, please contact us and our customer service team will be able to assist your further with your request.

ECP ( Emergency Contraceptive)

If you have had unprotected sex or think that your contraception may have failed, taking emergency contraception will usually prevent a pregnancy.

The ECP is sometimes known as the "morning after pill" however can be used up to 72 hours after unprotected sex. It efficacy rate does decrease however for each 24 hour delay. Thus the sooner it is taken after unprotected sex the more effective it will be.


The ECP a progesterone only pill prevents pregnancy in two ways:

  • Preventing the passage of sperm through a womans genital system
  • Delaying the release of an egg from the ovary until sperm are no longer active

Our trained pharmacists are available in store only for consultation for the ECP or call us on 0508 881188 if you need further advice.

Trimethoprim for Cystitis/Urinary tract infections

Symptoms of cystitis

Cystitis is an infection of the bladder and passage that carries the urine from the body. Cystitis will usually cause two or more of these symptoms:

  • Pain or burning when passing urine
  • Needing to urinate often
  • Needing to urinate urgently (without much warning)
  • Discomfort just above the pubic area

If you have any of the following symptoms, see your doctor:

  • Fever or a hot/cold feeling
  • Vomiting or feeling like you are going to vomit
  • Pain on the sides of the lower back (over the kidney area)
  • Feeling particularly unwell

These are symptoms of a kidney infection and need treatment from a doctor.

If you have vaginal symptoms such as itch or discharge, talk to your pharmacist or doctor, as you may not have cystitis. Vaginal itching / irritation or vaginal discharge may be a sign of a fungal infection or a sexually transmitted infection. If you think you are at risk of a sexually transmitted infection e.g. chlamydia or genital herpes, see your doctor to get the right treatment promptly.

If you have cystitis and any of the following apply, you need to see a doctor:

  • You are a male
  • You are under 16 years old or over 65 years old
  • You are pregnant or might be pregnant
  • You have had more than three cases of cystitis in the last year (12 months)
  • You have had cystitis in the last 2 weeks (apart from this instance)
  • You have kidney problems, including kidney stones
  • Your urinary tract (passageway for urine) is not normal or you have a catheter
  • You have a spinal cord injury
  • You have diabetes
  • Your immune system doesn’t work properly


Cystitis can often come right on its own, but antibiotics will help this happen faster. If you have mild symptoms you may be able to drink plenty of water and avoid the need for antibiotics. Discuss the best option for you with your pharmacist or doctor.

Your pharmacist or doctor can also recommend sachets that you mix into water and drink to make your urine less acidic, which means less pain when you urinate (pass urine).

Anyone with symptoms of cystitis should drink plenty of water.

Click here to read more information on Trimethoprim

Our trained pharmacists are available in store only for consultation for the ECP or call us on 0508 881188 if you need further advice.